Why Become a Lawyer

Some people might wonder why a person would ever want to become a lawyer? Have people questioned you about why you want to become a lawyer? It is a common questions because studying law is either something you love or something you hate. Unfortunately, more people fall into the category of hating the study of law and tend to question those who love it. Don’t become discouraged by these questions. There are many good reasons to become a lawyers.

First off, remember that lawyers play a big role in our country. They help bring justice where it is needed. Although the judge is the one who gives the final ruling, lawyers represent their client before the judge. They are the way in which the judge learns the full story and is able to then make an accurate ruling. They bring justice for those who have been mistreated or injured, and sometimes, they bring justice for the loved ones of a person who has been injured as well.

Lawyers can help bring hope to a situation that seems hopeless. Sometimes, they do this by proving their client is not guilty of charges being brought against them. Other times, they can reduce charges and the long-term effects of the court’s ruling against a guilty party. This may be by reducing time in prison or damages that will need to be paid. Lawyers who represent families for adoption also help bring hope to children who would not otherwise have a family to call their own.

While being a lawyer can sometimes be hard, just like any other occupation, it can be very rewarding. Seeing the satisfaction or relief on your client’s face when a court case goes as hoped makes the hard work worth it. So next time someone questions why on earth you would ever want to be a lawyer, don’t second guess yourself. Remind yourself of the need for lawyers, and if appropriate, educate them on why lawyers are needed too.

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